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Who We Are

MindModelling Global Coaching and Corporate Training was founded by Nesan Naidoo in 2009 as a result of a dire need for businesses to re-group and grow post the GFC- global financial crises. Businesses had a need for external input through Coaching and Consulting in order to grow and scale. Our dedicated team of experts are highly regarded in their respective fields with experience and academic qualification in Neuroscience, Business, Strategic Innovation, Psychology, Psychometric profiling and assessment, Gender Intelligence, corporate training and marketing.

Our Values

We work within a strict set of ethical frameworks, Values and guiding principles that is equally shared by our team:-

  • Ethical, legal and Moral Conduct in all our work,
  • Non-violence, harm or injury to those we serve,
  • Global Peace in our collaboration with all stakeholders,
  • Bold, Caring and Courageous in our advice and how we serve our stakeholders
  • Uphold the truth as global citizens

Our Philosophy

The fundamental premis of our work is based on the view that all things first start in the mind. Whether this be Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, High performance growth or maintaining peak performance; all successes or failure first occur in the mind. We base our work on cutting edge research in fields of neuroscience, business modelling, motivation studies, negotiating research, Strategic innovation, Sales and Gender Intelligence. We are also experts in the field of Gender Intelligence and have strong alliances with the New York based Gender Intelligence Group.

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