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Micro Case Studies

Business Coaching

Accounting and Financial Services

The Business

A small sized, suburban tax Accounting firm engaged Mindmodelling to conduct strategic business planning as part of a scaling and growing exercise. The firm had 3 employees (Accountants) and the owner was unclear on his medium to long term vision for the business.

What We Did

We conducted a strategy workshop with the owner and key personnel in the business. This led to a strategic analysis of the business and the creation of a robust business plan, strategy and action plan for the business. The plan/roadmap involved reviewing the HR recruitment plan and processes, analysing capability gaps of staff and an upskilling program. Significant work and analysis involved reviewing the Capital requirements, physical footprint and ‘future-proofing’ of the business.

The Result

Over a period of 4 years, the business:-

  • Grew its client base by 357%
  • Increased revenue by 405%
  • Increased staff FTE compliment from 3 to 11
  • Achieved cost efficiencies (rationalisation) of 8%
  • The physical footprint expanded into taking over the 2 adjacent offices to be converted into a sprawling open plan office after a major construction and development project.

The business transformed from a tax accounting practice to an Integrated Practice, incorporating Tax Accounting, Financial Planning, Mortgage Broking, SMSF work and Property sales.

Executive Coaching

Vice President – US based, Global Software Company

The Executive

The high performing Executive was experiencing high stress levels with workload, frequent international travel and a dispersed workforce across Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. The Executive was on a rapid career development track and was earmarked for promotion.

What We Did

We conducted psychometric evaluation and analysis of the Executive’s behavioural style. This revealed her strengths, development areas, motivators, de-motivators, conscious and unconscious thinking, leadership style and communication, amongst others. Further examination was conducted on her actual performance against set KPI’s, Trust scores, staff engagement scores etc.

We took an Ontological approach to her Coaching and set specific, clear, measurable and relevant goals that encompassed an omni-view to her world. This included professional, spiritual and personal goals. A multi-rated 360 degree survey was conducted with peers, superiors and direct reports to obtain personal brand perception and gaps that needed to be addressed.

The Result

Over a 3 year period, the client remains a high powered executive and had been promoted three times over four different business units and is now the Senior Vice President of a Cloud business that is a major strategic business unit within this global conglomerate. Her direct and in-direct reports number more than 700 FTE across Asia Pacific. She is now writing a book of her professional and personal journey and enjoys a balanced life with her young family in Melbourne.

Corporate Training

Gender Intelligence and Leadership – Swiss Reinsurance Group

The Organisation

This global re-insurance group is represented in more than 100 countries. The organisation had set itself a goal of growing the number of women in senior leadership roles.

What We Did

After consultation with its senior management, we conducted a full diagnostic on the culture of the organisation through culture surveys. Consultations were also held with HR to review recruitment practices and strategies, professional staff development plans, exit interviews, staff attrition rates, staff engagement surveys and other key data that indicated why women were not sufficiently represented at senior levels of management.

We agreed with the organisation to conduct Inclusive leadership workshops for senior management and create an culture that did not polarise any single gender, but one that would recognise and appreciate the differences in both gender and how inclusive leadership would contribute to the organisational sustainability that reflected in bottom line results.

The Result

All workshops were rolled out as planned. There was an increase of 5% of women in senior leadership over 18 months as a collaboration between internal stakeholders, MindModelling and external stakeholders. This is work in progress.

Workshop Facilitation

Victorian Sate Government

The Scenario

The Victorian state government has a strong and vested interest in helping small to medium businesses not only survive, but thrive. Using the employment measure of small business, there are 2,065,523 small businesses in Australia employing less than 19 people, accounting for 97 per cent of all Australian businesses by employee size. There were 51,000 medium sized businesses, employing 20 to 199 employees, which is 2.4 per cent of all firms. The SME sector has substantial need for upskilling and bringing capability gaps through state subsidised workshops and training.

What We Did

We were engaged by Small Business Victoria, a parastatal of the Victorian State Government. We were asked to facilitate training programs on a wide spectrum of topics like Business Planning, Marketing, Finance, Cash-flow management, Business tools etc. Programs were customised for the CALD communities to help newly arrived migrants and culturally and linguistically diverse grow their business. The programs are hosted by local government agencies and are very well attended and supported.

The Result

All workshops were rolled out as planned. There was an increase of 5% of women in senior leadership over 18 months as a collaboration between internal stakeholders, MindModelling and external stakeholders. This is work in progress.

Organisational Transformation

Australian Federal Govt, Entrepreneur program

The Scenario

The Australian Entrepreneurial programme is a nationwide program that has been initiated to support selected sectors of Australian business that can make a significant contribution to the Australian economy. The client in question is a manufacturing business that has operated for the past 30 years. The family run and owned business is operated with traditional processes, many of which are driven by foreign methods that have been acquired by the operators in their country of origin. The business had a need to scale their operations due to increasing demand for their products in an ever-growing construction industry.

What We Did

  • High level consultation was entered into in reviewing the business with an external stakeholder.
  • A strategic plan was developed that considered all aspects of the business, namely, operations, sales, administration, manufacturing innovation, HR, OH&S,  market expansion and penetration.
  • After reviewing the long-term sustainability of the business and the organisation structure, re-aligned personnel to best suit the new direction and strategy. Appointed a General Manager to take over all responsibility for the day to day running of the business.
  • Commenced monthly professional development seminars for all staff in the business.
  • Reviewed and commenced structured Sales training and Sales Management practices.
  • Implemented structured performance management processes.
  • Oversaw an audit of the administration and accounting functions, including review of software applications.
  • Provided Coaching to the senior management and Director of the business to develop leadership capabilities.
  • Commenced English language classes to help language capability.
  • The business opened a new factory for their commercial division with state-of-the art machinery.

The Result

  • The business was nominated for national business award with the client and business being a finalist at the awards ceremony that was attended by the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.
  • Sales revenue is currently 20%-25% year on year.
  • Current protocols are in place to achieve ISO 9000 accreditation
  • A new product has been developed to help sustain current sales revenue
  • Systems and process are in place to achieve cost efficiencies’ and operations efficiencies.
  • Sales force development and capability upskilling is a work in progress.

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